Not just another law firm

Prail Lawyers is a locally established law firm, operating out of the Canberra City.

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Personal Injury

When it comes to compensation claims look no further than Prail Lawyers we provide professional advice and services at competitive prices and rates

Estate matters

If you have a question about a will or an estate or a Power of Attorney, perhaps you feel you have been left out of a Will? Let Prail Lawyers help you.


Prail Lawyers has experience and knowledge in the field of Estate and Probate Litigation. Let us help you.

Contact Us

For all your legal needs Prail Lawyers are here to help, for more information contact Prail Lawyers today!

Prail Lawyers is here to untangle all your legal issues. Contact us today on 02 6247 2222 for the right advice to help you with a solution for your needs

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